EASD Executive Committee and Council



J.R. Zierath, Sweden 
(retires September 2018)

Senior Vice-President

P. Fioretto, Italy 
(retires September 2017)


M. Stoffel, Switzerland
(retires September 2018)

Honorary Secretary


F. Beguinot, Italy
(retires September 2019)

Honorary Treasurer


R. Weitgasser, Austria
(retires September 2019)

Chair, PGEC


L. Czupryniak, Poland
(retires September 2017)

Editor-in-Chief, Diabetologia

S. Marshall, UK
(retires October 2018)

Board Member


M. Blüher, Germany
(retires September 2019)

Board Member


D.R. Matthews, UK
(retires September 2019)

The EASD Executive Committee is also the Executive Committee of the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD).

The EASD Council comprises of the officers above and following members:

Term Expiring 2017
B. Ahrén, Sweden
S. Karadeniz, Turkey
M. Solimena, Germany
N. Tentolouris, Greece

Term Expiring 2018
T. Hansen, Denmark
N. Lalic, Serbia
M. Mota, Romania
E. Renard, France

Term Expiring 2019
N.M. Panduru, Romania
C. Postic, France
C. Schalkwijk, The Netherlands

The Past President, A. Boulton (UK) is a Council member ex-officio.

Honorary Auditors:
A. Pfeiffer, Germany (retires September 2017)
M. Porta, Italy  (retires September 2017)

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