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EASD e-Learning has been developed to further expand EASD's postgraduate education activities in clinical diabetes and its complications. It has been built and reviewed with experts from around the world and provides case based online education with engaging interactive multi-media content including expert videos, audios, animations and more.

EASD e-Learning is designed to afford participants to self-direct the way they learn. In consideration of the growing popularity of self-directed and active learning, participants create their own learning pathways within the modules, guided by opportunities for self-reflection, assessment and feedback.

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Please go to the EASD e-Learning platform and sign in with your existing account details. As a new user, you are kindly asked to register first in order to enrol to EASD e-Learning.

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SGLT Inhibitors in Type 1 Diabetes - New Module Launched

The new module is available under the SGLT-2 inhibitors course on the EASD e-Learning platform. The launch coincides with the recent recommendation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for an oral add-on treatment to insulin for certain patients with type 1 diabetes (press release). The module discusses in detail the clinical trials that have been carried out investigating the use of SGLT inhibitors in type 1 diabetes.

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Written by leading academic experts.

Interactive education, multimedia content.

Global reach and influence.

EASD e-Learning is generously supported by unrestricted educational grants from European Diabetology, Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Diabetes AllianceAstraZeneca, Merck and Novo Nordisk.