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EUDF Symposium: It takes more than just a registry to improve care: How can we use data to raise awareness and initiate action to improve outcomes for people with diabetes?

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 14:00 - 16:00, Athens Hall

Chairs: C. Mathieu, BE, D.R. Matthews, UK

D.R. Matthews, UK: Welcome and introduction

B. Mikkelsen, NO: Developing missing targets: the diabetes treatment target

R.J. Heine, US: Recommendations for implementation from the Strategic Forum Data & Registries

Best practices – Using registries to improve quality of care and outcomes

  • T. Danne, DE: SWEET
  • K. Eeg-Olofsson, SE: The Swedish National Diabetes Register

A. Rys, PL: How to re-use health data for the benefit of public health, research and innovation?

Panel discussion and questions

  • B. Hauck, DE: What’s in it for people with diabetes?
  • K. Khunti, UK: How to use feedback from registries in the clinical practice?
  • J. Soderberg, SE: What are the opportunities for research?
  • T. Sokol, HR: What is the perspective of the European Parliament?
  • M. Bujas-Bobanovic, HR: What are the perspectives from industry?

D.R. Matthews, UK: Closing remarks