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IHSG Symposium: Long-term cognitive consequences of severe hypoglycaemia
Thursday, 30 September 2021, 15:00 - 17:00, Berlin Hall


Chair: S. Heller, UK

S. Heller, UK: Welcome and introduction

B. Frier, UK:  Hypoglycemia and cognition in T1D: New perspectives from the DCCT/EDIC cohort

R. McCrimmon, UK:  Hypoglycaemia and cognition in T2D

E. Seaquist, USA:  Blood glucose and cognition: mechanism of the long-term consequences of severe hypoglycaemia

L. Gonder-Frederick, USA: Prevention of cognitive impairment

T. Jones, AUS: Hypoglycaemia in the paediatric population

Panel discussion: Implications & call to action

S. Heller, UK: Closing