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Instructions for Oral Presentations at the 53rd EASD Annual Meeting 2017

The service provider MEvents will take care of all oral presentation materials for the 53rd EASD Annual Meeting 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Please note:

  • When preparing your presentation, please include any relevant disclosure information.
  • All standard presentation formats (e.g *.ppt or *.pptx) are accepted and no keynote format is supported. All presentations should be in 16:9 format. If in doubt, use a PowerPoint 2007 format.
  • All presentation files should be reviewed and checked on site at the Speakers’ Lounge (at least 3 hours before your talk).
  • The audio will be recorded and made available together with the presentation slides on the EASD Virtual Meeting following author’s approval.
  • All video formats are accepted – it is recommended to use the .avi format (but you may submit QuickTime, etc. as well).
  • The presenting authors* will receive an e-mail from EASD ( with your pre-submission account data. Please use the pre-submission service and have your presentation files checked before you arrive.
  • Social Media: If there is any content you do not wish to have shared on Social Media, it is your responsibility to inform your audience. EASD does not police the Social Media postings of delegates, however, we do expect all delegates to follow Social Media etiquette.

*As indicated throughout the submission process all correspondence regarding the handling of abstracts is sent to the email address that was entered in the system as contact for the presenting author (= first author not the submitter).

Speakers' Lounge Opening Hours:

Sunday, 10 September 201710:00 – 18:30 Hrs.
Monday, 11 September 201708:00 – 18:30 Hrs.
Tuesday, 12 September 201707:30 – 19:00 Hrs.
Wednesday, 13 September 201707:30 – 18:30 Hrs.
Thursday, 14 September 201707:30 – 18:30 Hrs. 
Friday, 15 September 201707:30 – 15:00 Hrs.


IMPORTANT: Presentations attached to an email cannot be processed.