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Results from TriMASTER:  a 3-way cross-over trial of precision medicine strategy of 2nd/3rd line therapy in type 2 diabetes

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 16:30 - 17:30, Rome Hall

Chair: N. Sattar, UK

A.T. Hattersley, UK: Precision medicine approaches in type 2 diabetes based on how clinical features influence glycaemic treatment response

E.R. Pearson, UK: Trial designs to test precision medicine approaches

C. Angwin, UK: Design of the TriMASTER trial

B.M. Shields, UK: Results of the TriMASTER trial

A.T. Hattersley, UK: Clinical and methodological implications of TriMASTER trial results

C.M. Kistorp, DK: Commentary

Panel Q&A

















































































K. Khunti, UK: Diabetes research in primary care: fiction or reality?