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The EASD Academy for early-career scientists & clinicians

The EASD Academy is an initiative to support, train, mentor, and create opportunities for scientists, clinicians, and students who are at an early or intermediate stage of their career, with an interest in diabetes research and/or clinical practice.

Its core objective is to provide unique opportunities for development, a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience, peer-support, and interaction with the wider EASD community.

Through these activities it will support and motivate early-career researchers and clinicians in the field of diabetes to become the future leaders that pursue excellence in diabetes care and research.

The Academy stands for the highest research standards and open science.

The Academy will provide fellows with the SCOPE for innovation and development.

  1. SHARE: develop an international network of early-career researchers and clinicians who can share experience and learning in research training and associated activities, share expertise, tips and job opportunities and offer peer-support.
  2. COLLABORATE: foster an environment that enables greater scientific collaboration addressing scientific needs and sharing of resources and ideas to stimulate research excellence, training, and innovation for the benefit of people with diabetes.
  3. OPPORTUNITY: advance the progression of early-career diabetes professionals by improving accessibility to unique opportunities within and beyond the EASD organisation allowing Academy Fellows to experience a breadth of opportunities related to diabetes research and practice outside the organisation.
  4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: offer career-oriented workshops, webinars to empower the highest scientific standards in research and clinical practice.
  5. EMBRACE: support early career researchers and students with mentorship from appropriate faculty and investigators, internationally.


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The EASD Academy Journal Club, in collaboration with Diabetologia, aims to provide authors at an early stage of their career with the opportunity to disseminate their findings and inspire their colleagues worldwide.

For this first event we are pleased to have Ji Soo (Samantha) Yoon, first author of a recent paper in Diabetologia. Samantha will tell us about her research findings and the techniques used to achieve them.

You’re invited to attend! You will have the opportunity to interact with our guest and ask her as many questions as you want about this very interesting research. It will be a relaxed, interactive and very enriching event. Don't miss it!

Title: Calcium-dependent transcriptional changes in human pancreatic islets reveal functional diversity in islet cell subtypes - EASD Academy Journal Club

Speaker: Ji Soo (Samantha) Yoon - Early career basic researcher

Date/Time: Thursday, 20 October 2022, 5pm CEST

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