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Albert Renold Prize

Prize for outstanding achievements in research on the islets of Langerhans.

EASD is inviting you to submit nominations for the Albert Renold Prize for outstanding achievements in research on the islets of Langerhans. The Award Lecture will be delivered during the EASD Annual Meeting in the year of the award.

There are no restrictions regarding the age of the candidate who also may come from any part of the world, but must be an EASD member. The aim of the Lectureship is to recognise an individual's outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of islet studies.

Nominations must be made on the nomination form containing a Letter of Recommendation of not more than 1000 words that may be signed by up to three nominators. Additional letters will be disregarded. The Letter of Nomination should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the nominee with a list (without reprints) of ten publications considered to reflect the nominee's most important contributions in the field.

The Albert Renold Prize is generously supported by Lilly.

Albert Renold Awardees:

2021 Virtual Meeting
P.L. Herrera (CH): Diabetes remission through insulin secretion by islet non-beta cells

2020 Virtual Meeting
G.A. Rutter (UK): Metabolic and functional specialisation of the pancreatic beta cell

2019 Barcelona
T. Otonkoski (FI): Too much or too little insulin: solving the puzzle with stem cells

2018 Berlin
R.N. Kulkarni (US): Epitranscriptomics (RNA methylation): a new level of regulation in islet biology and metabolism

2017 Lisbon
J. Ferrer (UK): DNA switches, beta cells and diabetes

2016 Munich
M.S. German (US): Balancing beta cell mass: generation, degeneration and regeneration

2015 Stockholm
A. Hattersley (UK): Insights into the beta cell from patients with monogenic diabetes

2014 Vienna
S. Kahn (US): The beta cell in type 2 diabetes: lessons starting at the bedside

2013 Barcelona
P. Rorsman (UK): The pancreatic islet: more than the sum of its parts?

2012 Berlin
D. Eizirik (BE): Beta cell apoptosis in diabetes: a complex road to disaster

2011 Lisbon
M. Prentki (CA): Tricycling along the beta cell and its coupling mechanisms for fuel induced insulin secretion

2010 Stockholm
S. Seino (JP): The cell signalling in insulin secretion: a story of molecular targets of ATP, cAMP and sulfonylurea

2009 Vienna
B. Thorens (CH): Pancreatic islets as a key node in an integrated network of gluco-regulatory organs

2008 Rome
J.-C. Henquin (BE): The regulation of insulin secretion: a matter of phase control and amplitude modulation

2007 Amsterdam
F. Ashcroft (UK): Diabetes and the ATP-sensitive K channel: from molecule to malady