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Albert Renold Prize

The Albert Renold Prize recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of pathophysiology and treatment of diabetes mellitus.

To be eligible for nomination:

  • Candidates must be an EASD member
  • Candidates can be from any country
  • There are no age restrictions

The awardee will receive a monetary prize generously sponsored by Lilly and will deliver a Lecture during the EASD Annual Meeting in the year of the award describing the awardee’s most important scientific achievements.

Learn more about the last Albert Renold Prize awardee in 2023:

Yuval Dor, Israel

Lecture: Disrupted RNA editing as a path to type 1 diabetes

Watch Award Lecture

Albert Renold Awardees:

2023 Hamburg
Y. Dor (IL): Disrupted RNA editing as a path to type 1 diabetes

2022 Stockholm
M. Sander (US): Deconstructing development to reconstruct beta cells from stem cells

2021 Virtual Meeting
P.L. Herrera (CH): Diabetes remission through insulin secretion by islet non-beta cells

2020 Virtual Meeting
G.A. Rutter (UK): Metabolic and functional specialisation of the pancreatic beta cell

2019 Barcelona
T. Otonkoski (FI): Too much or too little insulin: solving the puzzle with stem cells

2018 Berlin
R.N. Kulkarni (US): Epitranscriptomics (RNA methylation): a new level of regulation in islet biology and metabolism

2017 Lisbon
J. Ferrer (UK): DNA switches, beta cells and diabetes

2016 Munich
M.S. German (US): Balancing beta cell mass: generation, degeneration and regeneration

2015 Stockholm
A. Hattersley (UK): Insights into the beta cell from patients with monogenic diabetes

2014 Vienna
S. Kahn (US): The beta cell in type 2 diabetes: lessons starting at the bedside

2013 Barcelona
P. Rorsman (UK): The pancreatic islet: more than the sum of its parts?

2012 Berlin
D. Eizirik (BE): Beta cell apoptosis in diabetes: a complex road to disaster

2011 Lisbon
M. Prentki (CA): Tricycling along the beta cell and its coupling mechanisms for fuel induced insulin secretion

2010 Stockholm
S. Seino (JP): The cell signalling in insulin secretion: a story of molecular targets of ATP, cAMP and sulfonylurea

2009 Vienna
B. Thorens (CH): Pancreatic islets as a key node in an integrated network of gluco-regulatory organs

2008 Rome
J.-C. Henquin (BE): The regulation of insulin secretion: a matter of phase control and amplitude modulation

2007 Amsterdam
F. Ashcroft (UK): Diabetes and the ATP-sensitive K channel: from molecule to malady