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EASD Postgraduate Education

EASD e-Learning

Postgraduate education in clinical diabetes and its complications has been a core priority of EASD since its foundation and in recent decades the postgraduate education courses have grown in number and geographical range. Now EASD is taking a major step forward to further expand and develop its postgraduate education activities with the development of an e-Learning programme. EASD e-Learning has been built and reviewed with experts from around the world. It provides case based learning with engaging and interactive multi-media content including expert videos, audios, animations and more. more

Postgraduate Education Courses (PGEC)

PGEC courses aim to give support to local clinical courses dealing with all aspects concerning the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications. The format is a two to three day course consisting of lectures and workshops aimed not only at teaching the participants how to treat diabetic patients according to the guidelines of best clinical practice, but also at enabling the participants to take part in continuous education. The target audience is committed diabetologists in training together with junior consultants and diabetes paramedical staff, particularly diabetes educators. more

Scientist Training Course

By organising the Scientists Training Course (hands-on, 5-days, practical course), EASD hopes to attract new talent to diabetic research, in addition to fostering diabetes research in new centres throughout the world. more

Robert Turner Course

The Robert Turner Course is intended to allow young physicians to become familiar with major theoretical and practical aspects of clinical research and will consist of lectures as well as interactive sessions. By organising this course, EASD hopes to attract young clinicians to clinical diabetes research. more

Hagedorn EASD Oxford Workshop

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) organises annually an Oxford Workshop on diabetes research supported by an educational grant by Novo Nordisk. The Hagedorn EASD Oxford Workshops bring together 20-25 experts by invitation only to attempt to chart the future course of the chosen field. A particular feature of these events is that each senior scientist is asked to bring a postdoctoral Fellow. The Workshop offers them a unique opportunity to spend a few days with leading international experts in their field.