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Dr Jan Gojda

Role: Clinical researcher, head of Clinical research unit

Institute: Dept. of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep.

Research & Interests: Jan Gojda obtained his PhD in Human Physiology and work currently in a position of assoc. Prof. of Medicine at Dept. of Internal Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. He is a physician by education and consultant in diabetes/endocrinology and clinical nutrition, besides he teaches both pregraduate and postgraduate students.

His research expertise is physiological models to study insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility. The research scope is diet and exercise in insulin resistance development and diabetes prevention. He researched into mechanisms of how dietary branched-chain amino acids relate to insulin sensitivity and described their incretin-based insulinogenic potential. Further he explored BCAA among other postbiotics contributing to mechanisms linking diet, intestinal microbiome and metabolic health.

In 2018 he was awarded EFSD Mentorship programme supported by AstraZeneca, where under the mentorship of Prof. Fredrik Karpe from Oxford, UK, he investigates into metabolic derangements of cancer cachexia, namely glucose and BCAA fluxes across skeletal muscle in patients with pancreatic cancer. He has investigated several national grants and co-investigates current JPI HDHL STAMIFY European grant. He is a member of joint Franco-Czech laboratory for clinical research on Obesity with Toulouse INSERM unit 317, founding member of an informal academic scientific network on vegan studies VESNA and he is a leader of the National Home Parenteral Nutrition Registry.