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Dr Agata Grzelka-Wozniak

Role: physician, clinical researcher, academic teacher

Institute: Department of Internal Medicine and Diabetology, Raszeja Hospital, University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland

Research & Interests: I am an MD clinician and a post-doc researcher in the field of diabetes based in Poznan, Poland.

My research interests encompass lipids, insulin resistance and fatty liver in type 1 diabetes. In my PhD thesis, I demonstrated the phenomenon of optimal HDL levels associated with the least complications in type 1 diabetes. I further explored the topic of dysfunctional HDL particles in the observational cohort of people with type 1 diabetes: Insulin and Lipoproteins in Type 1 Diabetes Study (InLipoDiab1). I am currently the principal investigator of study funded by a research grant from Diabetes Poland focusing on HDL particles in T1D.

Clinically, I am dually trained in internal medicine and diabetology. My practice comprises ward duties and diabetic outpatient clinics. I am a clinical teacher and particularly enjoy teaching medical students a simulation training.