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Dr Pierre Larraufie

Role: Research Scientist

Institute: Institut Micalis, Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, AgroParisTech, France

Research & Interests: Pierre Larraufie’s main interest is to understand the physiology of endocrine functions of the gut and its relationship with intestinal microbiota. His research explores how gut hormones are involved in the crosstalk between the host and his microbiota and can participate in the consequences of microbiota dysbiosis on human health.

After his PhD at Institut Micalis on the regulation of gut hormone production by different microbial compounds, Pierre joined Prof Gribble and Prof Reimann’s laboratory at University of Cambridge where he used –omics approaches to precisely characterise the cells producing gut hormones called enteroendocrine cells and their regulation after bariatric surgery. He is now a researcher at Institut Micalis where he continues his research on the crosstalk between gut microbiota and enteroendocrine cells.