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DESG Symposium: Diabetes in COVID-19 era: A challenge and opportunity for people with diabetes’ education

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 10:00 - 11:30, Villach Hall

Mohamed Hassanein, UK: How did we all cope: the patient, the family and the diabetes service?

Florian Toti, AL: People with diabetes their needs and fears during lockdown. Results of a questionnaire with diabetic patients in Albania.

Evgenya Patrakeeva, RU: COVID -19 psychological impact and outcomes in patients with diabetes

Tsvetalina Tankova, BG: Role of technology in diabetes control during COVID-19

Round Table: What have we learnt during COVID -19 crisis. What can we do more? Better?
Moderator: Jean-Philippe Assal, CH and Tatjana Milenkovic, MK
Participants: Joao Filipe Raposo, PT; Anna Majchrzak, PL;  Banshi Saboo, IN; Dario Rahelic, HR; Elena Shelestova, GE; Line Kleinbreil, FR

Florian Toti, AL and Joao Filipe Raposo, PT: Closure