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Diabetes Education Study Group Symposium: Therapeutic patients' education - One year experience during COVID-19 pandemics

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 12:30 - 14:30, Berlin Hall

Chairs: F. Toti; AL; M. Hassanein, UK

F. Toti, AL; I. Alimehmeti, AL; E. Nelaj, AL; D. Doracaj, AL: Impact of COVID-19 in diabetes and other chronic diseases management  

M. Hassanein, UK: Inpatient management during COVID time: Can technology help?  

A. Gupta, IN; R. Gupta, IN: Diabetes Democracy through digital patient education and training 

B. Stepanow, PL: The effectiveness of the Diabetofon hotline during COVID-19   

Questions and answers

Round table: Therapeutic patients' education in COVID time

D. Rahelic, HR; J. Raposo, PT; T. Milenkovic, NM, T. Tankova, BG; B. Saboo, IN; A. Majchrzak, PL; I. Vlasenko, UA; S. P. Montesinos

T. Milenkovic, NM; F. Toti, AL: Closure