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DESG symposium: Is there a place for therapeutic patient education in the era of new technologies?

Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 10:00 - 12:00, Hall 4.2

Moderator: Florian Toti, Tatjana Milenkovic

Florian Toti: Therapeutic education and technology – Helping for a better understanding of diabetes

Massimo Massi Benedetti: The evolution of diabetes care and education. Where are we going?

Banshi Saboo: Continous Glucose Monitoring: Can it serve as an educational or motivational tool for type 2 diabetic patients

Sergio Pillon: Digital technology is the tool of the digital age, not the goal. Care as you live

Guido Ruffino Prize

Round Table: Challenges for therapeutic education today. Still a cornerstone of diabetes treatment or an ancient tool?
Moderator: Joao Filipe Raposo, Anna Majchrzak
Participants: Tankova, Milenkovic, Massi Benedetti, Patrakeeva, Vlasenko, Sadikot, Hassanein

Florian Toti, Anna Majchrzak: Final remarks and closure