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Experiences after the first year of the Mentorship Programme - Feedback from Participants

To date, the EASD Early Career Mentorship Programme has successfully completed two rounds, pairing a total of 20 mentees with mentors. As the first round draws to a close, we have reached out to participants for their feedback on the programme.

Agata Grzelka-Woźniak kindly wrote the summary below to share her experiences with her mentor. May her story inspire you to apply for upcoming rounds of our Mentorship Programme.

I am a medical doctor specialized in diabetology. Throughout my academic and professional career, I primarily worked in a diabetology unit in my hometown, learning from mentors at my local university. Before applying to the EASD Early Career Academy Mentorship Programme, I was fortunate to engage in international collaborations on two research projects, which significantly enriched my scientific perspective.

Seeking further growth, I applied to the Mentorship Programme to observe and learn from an established scientist’s career, aiming to broaden my understanding of future opportunities and better navigate my clinical and scientific career paths. At the time of application, I faced challenges such as limited insight into the career paths of colleagues in different countries and health care systems, expectations to secure funding for well-defined research, and balancing a clinical career with academic and research responsibilities.

Upon being selected for the Programme, I chose Dr. Claudia Cavelti-Weder as my mentor. Her experience as a medical doctor who seamlessly integrates academic and research commitments made her an ideal mentor. Although we mostly communicated online, we met in person at the EASD Annual Meeting 2023 in Hamburg.

The Mentorship Programme is ongoing, but it has already offered me valuable insights into her career path, working style, and work-life balance. Moreover, Dr. Cavelti-Weder assured me that it is worth following the chosen scientific path, because the effects, even if they come slowly, ultimately make us move forward.

"My application was driven by my longstanding interest in the EASD Early Career Academy's activities since its inception at the EASD Annual Meeting 2022 in Stockholm. I have actively participated in webinars, journal clubs, and other ECA activities, notably at the EASD Annual Meeting 2023 in Hamburg.

These experiences have not only enhanced my scientific knowledge but also expanded my professional network. I am eagerly anticipating the next EASD Annual Meeting in Madrid."

Agata Grzelka-Woźniak

Want to learn more about the EASD Early Career Academy Mentorship Programme? Have a look at the programme outline and upcoming application deadlines:

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