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ExPAS Symposium

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 12:00 - 13:30, Villach Hall

Dominik Pesta, DE and Richard Bracken, UK: Welcome address and introduction

Brendan Egan, IE: Reductions in dietary carbohydrate content in type 2 diabetes: theory, practice and potential interactions with exercise

Mette Y. Johansen, DK: The underlying mechanisms of type 2 diabetes remission – one year after an intensive lifestyle intervention.

Nanna S. Pilmark, DK: The interaction between metformin and physical activity.

Jason P. Pitt, UK: Long duration diabetes is associated with a lower C-peptide concentration and response to aerobic exercise in individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Martin Schön, DE: Higher capacity for muscle carnosine loading in non-obese, physically active adults is paralleled by lower protein glycation, enhanced carbonyl species excretion and post-exercise muscle phosphocreatine recovery.

Katharina Herzog, SE: Combined lifestyle factors and the risk of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.