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EUDF Symposium: Digital health: Hope for diabetes in an uncertain and changing world?

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 14:00 - 16:00, Wels Hall

C. Mathieu, BE: Introduction - EUDF: a new vision of integrated action and collaborative advocacy

Increased digital diabetes services – country best practices & hurdles

T. Valentin, BE: A vision for digitally enabled diabetes care

M. Guidi, IT: Towards the future: diabetes care and digital services

J. Hagen, DE: DiGA Fast Track: Germany’s new, structured way to give access to digital healthcare solutions

C. Thivolet, FR: √ąTAPES: Experimentation of Telemedicine to Ameliorate the Health Care Paths in France

B. Timar, RO: Those with diabetes in the pandemic context: The Romanian experience

Integration of digital services in chronic disease management during and after COVID

B. Hauck, DE: Living with diabetes in times of COVID

R. Forde, UK: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on diabetes nurses in Europe: A pan-European survey

X. Cos, ES: The management of COVID in those with type 2 diabetes, the elderly and those with complications

C. Busoi, RO: Perspective from the European Parliament to implement digital services

Panel Discussion (All): What is the best practice and how do we promote this?

C. Mathieu, BE: Conclusion and launch of Strategic Forum on selfcare, technology and digitalization