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29th EASD Scientists Training Course 2023

Diabetes Science in a Clinical Context

6 - 10 November 2023 at the University of Glasgow, UK

EASD will hold its 29th Scientists Training Course in Glasgow, Scotland from 6 -10 November 2023, with the objective of promoting new talents in the field of diabetes research and fostering diabetes research in centres throughout the world.

Course organisers: Prof John Petrie, Dr James Boyle
Organising Committee: David Carty, Gemma Currie, Sharon Mackin.

Faculty: Prof Naveed Sattar, Prof Mike Lean, Prof Frances Mair, Prof Christian Delles, Prof Miles Fisher, Prof Ewan Pearson, Dr Robbie Lindsay (and others)


Topics will include: Impact of excess weight on diabetes complications, Epidemiology, Multi-morbidity, Precision Medicine, Pregnancy, Technology, Renal and Proteomics, Exercise, Diet and Remission, CV outcomes trials, Trials in T1D.

Participants will be invited to present their own projects for discussion by their peers and mentors. They will work together to present a project, for example around research priorities. There will be opportunities to visit our laboratories and research facilities and “Meet the Researchers.”

Criteria and eligibility for acceptance to the course

Any member of EASD who is still under the age of 40 on 1 January 2023 is eligible. Applicants must be able to communicate fluently in English (in which the Scientists Training Course will be conducted). A maximum of 16 applicants will be admitted in order to maintain a high level of personalized attention and interaction. Participants are required to attend the course for its entire duration. The most suitable candidates will be selected by an organizing committee on the basis of the information provided in their application.

Cost of the course

Applicants will be asked to pay € 300 as registration fee, as well as their transportation to and from Glasgow, UK (accessible by Glasgow Airport, Edinburgh Airport or Prestwick Airport). All other expenses, including board and lodgings, will be covered by EASD funds, supported by Lilly Diabetes.

Application procedures

Interested candidates should submit their application as a Word file attachment to

The application must include the following:

  • A curriculum vitae giving date and place of birth, current professional address (with telephone and email address) and full details of education and academic and/or clinical career to date. There should be a complete list of publications and mention of any meetings or workshops attended.
  • A one-page letter of support from the Head of the applicant’s current Department. Aside from attesting to the qualities of the candidate, this letter should clearly state how the department proposes to provide the necessary facilities and support to allow the candidate to continue in diabetes research.
  • A one-page description of the applicant’s current research interests, including a brief explanation of how this course specifically will help in reaching their immediate research goals, in addition to their future career in diabetes research.
  • Proof of EASD membership number

Applications not including these pages will not be considered.

Applications must be received at the EASD Secretariat in Düsseldorf before 11 August 2023.