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EASD Scientists Training Course 2024

Harnessing basic and clinical science research in diabetes to make the greatest impact

27 - 31 October 2024, Leicester Diabetes Centre, UK

EASD will hold its 30th Scientists Training Course in Leicester, United Kingdom from 27-31 October 2024, with the objective of promoting new talents in the field of diabetes research and fostering diabetes research in centres throughout the world.

Programme and Course Content

Content / Programme Topics will include:

  1. Technology and diabetes 
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Real world evidence, epidemiology and clinical trial design
  4. Muscle physiology, sarcopenia, imaging and exercise testing
  5. Lifestyle medicine, measurement and application
  6. Obesity, multiple long term conditions and type 2 diabetes novel therapies
  7. Leadership and coaching

There will be opportunities to visit the Leicester Diabetes Centre laboratories and research facilities and "Meet the Researchers".

Course organisers: Prof Melanie Davies and Prof Kamlesh Khunti

Organising Committee: Dr Louisa Herring, Caroline Stendall, Chloe Kitching

Faculty includes: Prof Melanie Davies, Prof Kamlesh Khunti, Prof Claire Meek, Prof Pratik Choudhary, Prof Louise Goff, Prof David Webb, Prof Sam Seidu, Prof Laura Gray, Dr Dimitris Papamargaritis, Dr Alex Rowlands, Dr Emma Watson, Dr Francesco Zaccardi, Dr Luke Baker, Dr Clare Gillies, Dr Joe Henson (and more).

Criteria and eligibility for the course

Criteria and eligibility for acceptance to the course include:

  • any member of EASD who is still under the age of 40 on 1 January 2024
  • and who can communicate fluently in English (in which the Scientists Training Course will be conducted).

A maximum of 16 applicants will be admitted in order to maintain a high level of personalised attention and interaction. Participants are required to attend the course for its entire duration. The most suitable candidates will be selected by an organising committee on the basis of the information provided in their application.

Cost of the course

Applicants will be asked to pay a €300 registration fee, as well as their transportation to and from Leicester, UK (accessible by East Midlands and Birmingham Airports within 1 hour travel or Luton, Heathrow and Manchester Airports within 2 to 3 hours travel).

All other expenses, including board and lodgings, will be covered by EASD funds, supported by Lilly Diabetes.

Application procedure

Interested candidates should complete the application form and submit with a 2 page CV as a word file to

All sections of the application form must be completed and must be received at the EASD Secretariat in DĂĽsseldorf before 31 May 2024.

Applications not including all of the required information and documentation will not be considered.

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